Mumbai 4th February 2006

Address by R.W.Bro. Vasudev J. Masurekar,
R.W. Regional Grand Master of
The Regional Grand Lodge of Western India
On the occasion of the Investiture and Installation ceremony held at Jade Gardens, Nehru Center , Worli on 4th February, 2006

M. W. Bro. Arun Chintopanth, M.W. Grand Master of the Grand lodge of Ancient,free and accepted masons of India , recipient of the order of service to masonary.

Bro. Sir Archibald Donald Orr Ewing, M.W.Grand Master Mason of the Grand lodge of Scotland.

Our Past Grand Masters, M.W. Bro. Gautam Divan, OSM, M.W. Bro. Hariprasad Mathur OSM, M.W. Bro. Dilip Udeshi, OSM

R.W.Bro Vinodkumar Bhutani, R. W. RGM of Northern India
R.W.Bro G.K. Selvarajan, R. W. RGM of Southern India
R.W.Bro Girish Shastry, R. W. RGM of Eastern India

R.W.Bro Dorab Bajan, R.W.District Grand Master of District Grand Lodge of Bombay & Northern India.

Bro Bomi Mehta , R. W. District Grand master of Grand Lodge of India, Scottish Constitution.

R.W.Bro.Lahu Chogle, R. W. Provincial Grand Master of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Ireland in India.

R.W.Bro.Govindlal Shahu,OSM, Our beloved immediate Past RGM
R.W.Brethren , V.W.Brethren and Brethren all,

What is Freemasonary ? So vast is it’s ambit and so deep are it’s roots that it is impossible to confine it within any limits.

Freemasonary , we say , is a system of morality, veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols. Morality is the basis of all known religions; But in masonry the guiding thought is not religion but religious toleration. The Masonic fraternity refrains from intruding into the field of religion and confines itself to the teaching of morality and duty to one’s fellowmen, which make better men and better citizens.

Man has in him the spark of divinity but however it does not reveal itself until he is devoid of all baneful and malignant passion opening the door for the reception of truth and wisdom.

Masonry invites us to reflect on this most interesting of all human studies – the knowledge of ‘SELF’. By symbolism it also attempts to lead and directs us to speculate on the aspect of knowing thy “self”. Consider the exchange between the principle officers. How to find the genuine secrets of a Master Mason? With the centre. What is a centre? A point within a circle from which every part of the circumferance is equi-distant. Why with the centre? ” That being a point which a Master Mason cannot err”

On this aspect, I would like to quote from the writings of none else than one of the most outstanding Freemasons this country has ever produced “Swami Vivekanand “.

“Break Not, Pull Not anything down, but build ; Help, if you can, if you cannot, fold your hands and stand by and see things go on. Do not injure, if you cannot render help. Say not a word against any man’s convictions, so far as they are sincere. Take man where he stands and from there give him a lift. If it be true that God is the centre of all religions,and that each of us is moving towards HIM along one of these radii, then it is certain that all of us must reach that centre.

And at the centre where all the radii meet , all our differences will cease ; but until we reach there , differences there must be. All these radii converge to the same centre. One according to his nature , travels along one of these lines and another , along another ; and if we all push onward along our own lines, we shall surely come to centre ; each of us is naturally growing and developing according to his own nature ; each will in time come to know the highest truth, for after all, men must teach themselves.”

Brethren in Freemasonary, there are no readymade solutions only hints, suggestions- each one has to explore for oneself.

Masonic Meeting is a FORUM for personality development Encourage young relatives to join freemasonary if they fulfill the primary conditions : faith in God ,genuine desire for knowledge and willingness at all times to be serviceable to fellow human beings at all times.

Communication is the key to growth ; Each lodge should try and develop it’s website or send the information on a regular basis to Region as to display the same on it’s website. RGL of WI has developed a software which has detailed information about each member according to their avocation. This would facilitate more & more interaction between brethren outside the lodge.

I need volunteers who have firm conviction in the principles and tenets of freemasonary to be prepared to attend different lodges to conduct workshop and arrange lectures to spread the message of freemasonary. I look forward to senior Past Masters to give time to educate the fresh initiates, craftsmen, master masons.

New Centres need to open up. Especially at places where there are Masonic temples but no functional lodges .

Have outstation meetings atleast once in 6 months. See how it generates comraderie. Make a determined effort to maintain harmony amongst brethren . Be at the centre; Be equidistant from each brother . See how the lodge grows from strength to strength.

Brethren the vision statement is ” Be Happy and communicate Happiness “.

We need to grow , yes we need to grow but we shall not grow by inviting people to join our fraternity. Let non masons be drawn towards the fraternity. Remember the ‘Charge to Master’ during installation meeting:

“When anyone is said to be a member of it the world may know that he is one to whom the burdened heart may pour forth it’s sorrow ; the distressed may prefer their suit, whose hand is guided by justice & whose heart is expanded by benevolence.”

I thank M.W. Bro. Arun Chinopanth, M.W. Grand Master of Grand Lodge of India for having installed me today as R.W. Regional Grand Master aand reposing his faith, trust and confidence in me.

I thank you Bro. Sir Archibald Donald Orr Ewing, M.W.Grand Master Mason of the Grand lodge of Scotland ,for gracing the occasion by your esteemed presence.

I thank the visiting Regional Grand Masters, District Grand Masters & Provincial Grand Master & members of their respective deputations and request them to be with us for the banquet.

I sincerely thank all the delegates , patrons and especially brethren who have travelled long distances.

I sincerely thank brethren of my mother lodge Sohrab Davar No.113 for their overwhelming response and a very strong support. Thanks are also due to Brethren of lodge Deolali for the maximum number of delegates.

I am indebted to you W. Bro. Digvijay Dhuru for having proposed me into freemasonary.

And my brethren in conclusion, I pray to the Almighty God, the Providence, to grant me health & strength to perform the duties of this high office with satisfaction to my brethren of Regional Grand lodge of Western India & advantage to the Grand Lodge of India.