Roll of Regional Grand Mark Masters

The Roll of Regional Grand Masters

Since 6th December 1961 the Chair of the Regional Grand Master has been adorned by

* R.W.Bro. Pestonji P. Kapadia O.S.M., 16th Dec 1961 to 25th Sept 1970
* R.W.Bro. The Hon. Justice D.P. Madon O.S.M., 26th Sept, 1970 to 30th July, 1976
* R.W.Bro. Noshir N. Mehta O.S.M., 31st July, 1976 to 15th May, 1982
*R.W.Bro. Dadi B. Engineer O.S.M., 16th May, 1982 to 15th May, 1988
R.W.Bro. M.H.Contractor O.S.M., 21st May, 1988 to 13th Jan, 1991
* R.W.Bro. P.K Rele O.S.M., 9th March, 1991 to 13th Jan, 1994
R.W.Bro. DR. P.K.Maheshwari 26th Feb, 1994 to 13th Jan, 1997
* R.W.Bro. Kali K. Mistry 5th April, 1997 to 29th Jan, 2000
*R.W.Bro. Saleh H. Doctor 29th Jan, 2000 to 18th Jan, 2003
R.W.Bro. Govind L. Shahu O.S.M., 24th Jan, 2003 to 04th Feb. 2006
R.W.Bro. V.J. Masurekar, O.S.M. 4th Feb. 2006 to 21st Feb 2009
R.W.Bro.Rajeev R Khandelwal, O.S.M. 21st Feb 2009 to 4th Feb 2012
R.W.Bro.Zawareh H Wadia 4th Feb’2012 to 11th Jan 2014
R.W.Bro.Ardeshir (Adi) S Vakil 11th Jan’2014 to 11th March 2018
R.W.Bro.M.S.Federal 11th March 2018 till date
* Deceased